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KAI is especially famous in the Netherlands because of the KAI SHUN Cooking knives, available from specialists. The Shun Koksmess Series is one of the …

Robert Herder knives

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Under the motto “Good knives are handmade”, Robert Herder manufactures a wide range of quality knives using traditional forms and methods. Since 1872, the well-known …


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French elegance, these nostalgic pocket knives and table knives have been made in the same way  for centuries. Pure pride and patient craftsmanship united in …


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WÜSTHOF knives are a high quality product, made with care. Knives, which you enjoy and use for the preparations for a true culinary pleasure. The …

Boker Manufaktur

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Knives, hunting knives, kitchen and razors from Solingen The famous knives with the famous chestnut tree logo are already discovered in 1869. Over the years, …


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“Now you’re ready!” A better fitting  creed is inconceivable. Leatherman’s multi-tools are complete, outstanding and reliable. The range is large, from a simple blade to …


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